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Wireless Network Setup      
Computer Setup      
Data Backup      
Data Recovery      
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Nerd.0 PC Reboot

Is your PC running slow? Experiencing error messages, lagging loading times? Worried about Viruses? Nerd.0 PC Reboot covers it all.
Choose the level that’s right for you! There are 3 tiers of PC optimization to choose from based on price/amount of work:

1. Clean Slate – PC Optimization and Maintenance (Tier 1) – $59.99
Is your PC slowing down, performance wise? Are programs lagging as they open? Have you
had your PC for longer than a year? Chances are it needs a optimization, a “tune-up” if you
will. Registry errors, bloatware, and other potential problems bog PCs down and just like a car, they need
regular maintenance.

-We’ll clean and tweak your PC to the absolute maximum performing capability it has. Instituting a 34 point check, you’ll swear it’s a new computer when you get it back!

– Also offered is a back up service of your data. Don’t allow vital pictures, files, or media to be
lost due to hard drive failure, system corruption, or unforeseen calamities. We’ll back up to 9GB
of your data to DVD media or external data storage options such as a flash drive or external
hard drive for only $39.99. That’s at a THIRD of the cost of our competitors.

2. Secure Lockdown – Antivirus, spyware, malware elimination (Tier 2) – $89.99
Are there serious problems with your PC? PC has viruses of any sort? If after our free virus
diagnostic scan we come back with any sort of malicious content on your PC, this is a step in
the right direction.

-Secure Lockdown offers all of the features of the Clean Slate tier, in addition to:
-We’ll remove any and ALL instances of infection from viruses, worms, malware, and spyware. We’ll issue a 34 point inspection to ensure you’re as secure as possible to reduce the chance of a reinfection in the future.

-Also offered is a back up service of your data. Don’t allow vital pictures, files, or media to be
lost due to hard drive failure, system corruption, or unforeseen calamities. We’ll back up to 9GB
of your data to DVD media or external data storage options such as a flash drive or external
hard drive for only $39.99. That’s at a THIRD of the cost of our competitors.

3. Total Control – Complete system security, virus removal, optimization, and much, much more (Tier 3) – $119.99
Our most popular package! Complete system restoration and optimization, and total freedom
from any malicious programs. If your PC has viruses, this is the package you want; we
offer no other virus and performance related program more thorough or in depth than this!

-Total Control offers all of the features mentioned in the previous Clean Slate and Secure
Lockdown tiers, with the following additions and changes:

-We run a complete deep system scan of every part of your PC using over 21 separate tools
and programs, checking for any traces of any sort of detrimental programs (virus/malware/
scanware/spyware/adware/Trojans/rootkits/etc), registry errors, unnecessary files or registry
entries, and more using a series of several programs; This process takes up to several hours,
depending on the severity of the issues with your PC (our record was 6 hours just in scan
and removal alone on one PC). When we say “thorough”, we mean not one single thing goes
unchecked. We don’t mind the hours of work because you want complete and total freedom of
any PC issues of any kind.

-Complete and total retooling of your PC across any and all standards. We tweak your PC
to match what YOU want it to do; this process involves us finding out through 11 different
parameters and aspects of your PC what you prefer.
-9GB of your data backed up to DVD media or external data storage options such as a flash
drive or external hard drive absolutely free; that’s a $39.99 value!

-You also get 1 year of our Nerdlock Protection, offering free diagnostic and repair on your PC
(That’s a $149.99 value free) in case of spyware or virus infection.*

*Please note that Nerdlock Protection is available on desktop PCs/laptops that have acceptable forms of antivirus/
antispyware software installed by an authorized nerdreserve Analyst, or your PC currently has software up to those
set standards. Nerdreserve recommends Malwarebyes Anti-Malware (completely free), as well as recommends
and sells Bitdefender. An Analyst must also verify that the PC/laptop is performing to factory specifications and is
free of Viruses, Spyware, and Malware (which won’t be an issue as your PC will be after Total Control) in order to
qualify. If you need appropriate antivirus software, don’t worry, we’ll set you up with software at a widely reduced rate, installation included.
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Wireless Network Setup
-Get your house set up and go wireless now! Enable using the internet and media all over your
home. We’ll set up, configure and then secure your router, allowing you a secure connection
protected by password, protecting your private information and keeping others from using your
signal, securing your network completely.

-If needed, we can repair network and internet connectivity if it already exists
-We’ll Install and configure networking adapters on up to 3 computers/devices – (Like Xbox 360,
PS3, Laptop, PCs, Blu-Ray DVD Players, etc)*

*We’ll install additional devices for 29.99
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Computer Setup
-Buy that perfect PC that you’ve been wanting? Have nerdreserve set it up for you; we’ll
make sure you’re ready to go and performing at maximum capacity right out of the gate!
-Just let us know where you want it to go and we’ll physically set it up for you; Monitor,
keyboard, mouse, speakers…We’ll make sure all the cords are neatly secured with zip ties at no
extra charge.

-We’ll install up to 5 new software applications for you to your specifications, as well as
1 external/peripheral device too, all to your specification (software/device not included)

-After we set it up, we’ll connect it to your existing internet account and even an existing email
account for you if you’d like. After all is said and done, we’ll test your PC and make sure it’s all
working as it should.

-If you’d like, we’ll back up or transfer the computer data of your choosing, up to 18G worth, to
another medium (such as an external drive, DVDs, or flash drive) and we’ll import the data into
an installed program on your PC, or a location on your PC for only 49.99 more. (Check it out,
that’s over 15% off our regular backup prices….and almost 30% less than any local competition.
Slick, indeed.)
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Data Backup
-Got important files to keep safe? Pictures, Spreadsheets, Videos, they’re all priceless if losing
them means you can’t get them back. Have nerdreserve backup your data safely, securely, and

-Backup starts at 9 GB of data backed up to a media of your choosing (DVD, external hard
drive, etc) for only 29.99. This service can be added on to any service we may perform for you.
Pricing for Data Backup increases with amount of data backed up, call or stop in for pricing.

-Not sure how much you want to back up, and want to play it safe and make it easy for
yourself? You should use our “No Fuss” Data Backup package. What’s that, you ask?

1) 80GB external hard drive backed up with any data you want, up to capacity for $100.
That’s right; $100 gets you a brand new, unopened 80 GB external hard drive which we’ll then
backup as much data as you want, even all the way up to capacity. You bought it, it’s your hard
drive, you tell us what you want done!

2) 16GB usb flash drive backed up with any and all data you want, up to capacity for $80.
Yep, $80 nabs you a brand new portable usb drive backed up with whatever you want, as much
as it can handle. Get the safety of having a physical backup of your priceless material with the
convenience of being able to take it anywhere in your purse, pocket, backpack, briefcase,
whatever you may have!

3) Already have an external hard drive? Maybe you have one that has older data already
backed up on it and you want to keep all important material in 1 space. No problem, we’ll backup
up to 100GB worth of data on an external hard drive that you provide for $100. $100 gets you up
to 100 GB backed up. No worries, no fuss.
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Data Recovery
-There’s no feeling worse than that of losing something that you can’t replace. We’ve all been
there; losing pictures of family, wedding videos, vital work documents. You keep a lot of things
on your PC, so what happens if your PC seizes up, or you get hit with the “blue screen of
death”? Chances are you may panic. BUT….all is not lost. If you lost data and you want or need
it back, call us, and we’ll run a checkup to make sure your data can be recovered (the majority
of the time it can, so don’t panic). We’ll come out to your home, pick up your PC and get started
combing your PC data that was misplaced, deleted, renamed, or complete hard drive chaos,
we’re here to help.

– Our initial diagnostic charge for hard drives starts at $49.99. We use a number of tools and
programs to determine if your data can be recovered and what all it would entail to do so. Our
data recovery fee for hard drives starts at $199.99, but this fee depends on the severity and the
difficulty of the issues we find.

– The initial diagnostic fee for flash media is $39.99. Data recovery for flash media under starts
at $89.99 (including diagnostic fee) for flash drives under 32 GB, and $129.99 for usb flash
drives over 32GB; again, this fee depends on the difficulty and severity of the issues within the

-Entrust us to get your irreplaceable data back safely. Generally, we here at nerdreserve can
recover data on PCs, external hard drives, flash media (USB drives and memory cards), and
laptops. When we get started on your data, we’ll keep you updated every step of the way and
ensure you’re kept in the loop.
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Email Support
-Need email setup, or having trouble with an existing account? No worries, we’ll connect one
existing and active email account to a either a PC or your mobile phone, troubleshoot an
existing account, even repair/update/configure the email client. High speed internet connection
is required.
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Printer Support
– Have nerdreserve setup your new printer for you, local or network! We’ll help with wireless
setup, or we can help resolve any issues you have with an existing printer. We’ll answer and
questions you may have about your printer setup!
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Hardware Install/Repair
-We’re here to help upgrade your pc as well as get it back up and running if something kicks the
bucket within. We’ll install internal and external components such as a hard drive, graphics card,
printer, and more; we’ll install the software needed as well to ensure the proper functionality.
Give us a call with what you need installed and we’ll be there in a jiffy to get it done for you.

-Need a repair done? Not a problem, we’ll get you fixed up. Whether you have an idea of what’s
wrong in your PC, or whether there’s a problem that has you completely frustrated and at your
wits end, we’re here to help and will repair any hardware issues you may have. Repairs start at
39.99 and vary depending upon severity of the issue. We’ll be with you every step of the way to
determine what’s wrong and how we can fix it.
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Software Install
-Install any number of software titles you want, perform software updates as needed, and create
any sort of menus desired such as desktop, start up, and quick launch shortcuts. (software not
-$45/half hour
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Technology Consultant
-Looking to buy a new PC? Want to know the best solution for your networking needs? Give
us a call. We’ll come out to your house and listen to what you want you want to accomplish
with your future purchases. We’ll take notes and check out all your existing devices and
current setup. It’s all about you, so we’ll take everything you want into consideration and then
recommend a setup for you, what sort of upgrades you’d need to make, what equipment you’d
require to do what you want. We’ll even research what all the components you need cost and
report back to you. The best part? If like the idea that we present to you and decide you want
us to go ahead and get you setup as discussed, the cost of tech consultation will be credited to
whatever services you need to make YOUR desire a reality.
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-Is there something you’d like to be a little more experienced in? Not as computer literate?
Maybe you just want to know your way around a few programs or your MP3 player. Whatever
you may need, we can help you. Call us, and an Analyst will be out to your house to spend time
training you on something of your choosing, for however long you may need.
-Get training on PC related fields, such as digital media like photos, videos, music. Pick up
some training on certain software, brush up on basic PC skills, and learn how to operate your
MP3 player a little better and what options come with it with burning cds, creating libraries and
more. Get some training on your OS and all the tips, tricks, and tweaks you can employ to make
your PC more enjoyable.
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Nerdlock Protection Plan (1 Year)
-With our Nerdlock Protection, you can rest assured your PC is, and will remain virus and
spyware free. An analyst will come out to your house and upon receiving your PC will ensure it’s
protected. If after we set up your PC with Nerdlock protection your PC gets a virus or needs a
diagnosis within your year of protection, we’ll take care of it absolutely free. The cost of 1 year
of Nerdlock protection also includes a copy of Bitdefender Antivirus 2010, the Antivirus program
that nerdreserve recommends and endorses installed at no extra cost (a 79.98 value).*

-$149.99 for 1 yr of protection; includes Bitdefender Antivirus 2010 1 Yr license
* Please note that Nerdlock Protection is available on desktop PCs/laptops that have acceptable forms of antivirus/
antispyware software installed by an authorized nerdreserve Analyst, or your PC currently has software up to those
set standards. Your PC must be free of virus and malware prior to the setup of the nerdlock protection which does
NOT include removal of any malicious programs on the PC at time of Nerdlock protection setup; virus removal is a
separate service.
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Software for Purchase
-We here at nerdreserve support any programs that may keep a PC safe, virus free, and keep
it functioning optimally. A program is only as good as its performance, whether it be free or cost
hundreds of dollars. That’s why we support 3 programs, free and otherwise.

1) Malwarebytes Anti-Malware- This program is absolutely free and fully recommended by
nerdreserve. It’s one of the programs required in order to qualify for Nerdlock protection, it’s
THAT good! There’s hardly a better program you can find that does all it does for absolutely
free. Malwarebytes offers a pay version of their Award winning program, and if you can swing it,
we absolutely recommend you get the pay version.
Download free at

2) Bitdefender – Bitdefender is an award winning antivirus program and it is THE Antivirus
program nerdreserve endorses. Consistently rated as one of the top two Antivirus programs
from numerous sites year after year, Bitdefender offers 3 tiers of protection; Antivirus, Internet
Security, and Total Security. Consult an Analyst today for which version is right for you, and see
for yourself how many magazines, websites, and institutions rate Bitdefender at the top of it’s
-Antivirus purchased and installed for 79.99

3) Tuneup Utilities- Tuneup Utilities is a brilliant program that can optimize your computer in any
and every way. Increase performance, fix windows problem, and even customize the look and
feel of your PC experience. Nerdreserve endorses and sells Tuneup Utilities, a program that
has won literally dozens of awards in the past decade.
-Tuneup Utilities purchased and installed for 69.99
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