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Hello there! Welcome to nerdreserve. We’re your new techno-crew, repair folk, consultants,
and all-around, well,…..nerds. Everyone has something they’re nerdy about; maybe you know
who played in Superbowl I through XXX. Maybe you know the entire periodic table off the top of
your head. Maybe you’ve read all the Twilight books this month……..7 times……..each. Point
is, everyone has SOMETHING they enjoy to an almost odd extent. Here at the ‘reserve, ours is
technology. PCs, TVs, MP3 Players, Gaming, Movies…we love it all, and the only thing we want
more than to enjoy these things is to help YOU enjoy them too with our assistance. Check out
our site. Any info you need is here. We look forward to serving you!
 Call or visit us today, in home consultation also available! BBB accredited, licensed, insured, dare we say…..roguishly handsome???
(OK, that last part is debatable)
Don’t forget, NerdReserve has a 105% price match guarantee; we will match any licensed competitor’s written estimate for comparable pricing, plus beat it by 5%! We WON’T be beat!