Here, you can find answers to frequently asked questions.  If you don’t see an answer to a question you may have, please contact us and we’ll be glad to answer any questions you may have.


1. Why should I employ your services? What makes you guys different from any other doofus with a car wrapped in advertising, or a facebook page?

-Good question. First of all, we here at NerdReserve have over 35 years of combined experience with PCs, TVs, and technology in general. Our Analysts have seen it all; the birth of the internet, the evolution of cell phones, the rise (and fall) of rear-projection TVs…we keep up this stuff. It’s what we enjoy.

-Second, and MAYBE MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL, WE can come to YOUR house for all of our work. Look, we KNOW you’re busy, so that’s why we can come to you. Of course, you can always stop by any of our retail locations and drop your computers off. All our prices reflect home visits, no hidden fees. Call us up, we come out, we take your computer back to headquarters and do whatever we need to do. We’ll bring it back, no hassle, no fuss. Best part? We’re up to 333% CHEAPER than local competition. Go ahead, check that figure out. It’s true, IF the competition even offers home visits (most don’t.)

-Lastly, we actually CARE about your business. We’re a licensed, accredited, BBB certified business
anxious to EARN your patronage. We aren’t a conglomerate store employed with kids who could care less about you and your electronics. We aren’t a guy operating out of his kitchen as a hobby, or a guy in
his basement looking to direct connect to your machine and hopefully NOT mess up your PC. If someone
doesn’t care enough to meet and greet you face-to-face, they don’t DESERVE your business. We’re here
because people NEED a better option. Let us prove that to you; we’re super neato. Promise.

2. Okay, you sold me! How does this work?

-Simple! You can give us a call, swing by any of our retail locations (no appointment needed) or drop
us an email. A member of the ‘reserve will take your info and get all the details of what you need done.
For in home appointments, we’ll give you a quote on the work, and with your word, we’ll head on out to
your home. We’ll figure out what all you need, write it out for you, and take it with us (you’ve got stuff
to do, we’ll be in and out, and out of your hair in no time). We’ll do what we need to do, bring it back,
and all is well again in your kingdom. If it’s a service that requires us to work within your home, we’ll
work safely, quickly, and quietly to get the job done. Simple, easy, quick and painless.

3. That…does sound pretty easy. Credentials?

-Sure. NerdReserve LLP is a licensed and insured business operating out the state of Ohio. We’re a very real, very professional company; we’re with the BBB, various chambers of commerce, and completely insured. Your PC, your home, ALL of your belongings are beyond important. Why would you trust them to anything less than a trust-worthy, professional institution?

4. Fair enough. I see ads on Facebook and Craigslist where a guy says he can fix my PC. What could go wrong with them?

-Well, the first and obvious concern is safety. On this site, and in general, we make silly jokes and have fun, but in all seriousness you should be careful of meeting ANY individual outside of a legitimate business.

-Everybody knows “their cousin’s friend’s nephew’s neighbor” who can “fix anything with yer tower!”.
A big trend now also seems to be any local yahoo making up a facebook page for “Herp Derp Tech PC Force”. The big, glaring issue with this is the fact that they aren’t insured. They aren’t accredited in any way. They aren’t even a real business; it’s a hobby they do when they aren’t trying to sell you a $2,000 TV at their REAL job in a conglomo-store. They’re probably terrible at that too! Your data, your identity,
your PC, it’s all important and should be treated as such. Trust in a real business, not a local yokel.

5. What methods of payment do you take?

-We take cash, all major credit cards, checks, as well as paypal. What’s paypal, you ask? Check out for more info. It’s pretty neat, and chances are if you use eBay at all, you
already have an account.

6. Do you offer any sort of referral program, or a loyalty discount?

-Yes, we do! Stop in any of our retail locations for free information on it. By just having your friends
and family mention you as a referral, you can earn rewards. Neato, right?

7. It IS neato. Wait, who still uses “neato” in a serious context??

-Nevermind that!

8. Okay. What areas do you offer service?

-For a visual map, check the tab on our site labeled “service areas”. Basically, we service as far north as Urbana, as far west as Englewood, as far south as Springboro, and as far east as Mechanicsburg. County-wise, that’s….a lot of counties. If you’re unclear if we service your area, just give us a call. We’ll see where you’re at, and see where our Analysts are, and determine when, if, and how soon we can be there. Chances are we’ll be available.

9. Alright, I’m basically totally sold at this point. Any final notes while you have my attention?

-Look, it’s just like we’ve said; we’re a business that’s anxious to EARN your patronage. We earn our
customers one at a time, day by day. We work hard and we work well because this is what we love; not
many people can say that about their profession. A mechanic who loves cars and loves his job is bound
to do better and treat you better than one who’s just an employee number in a building, barely trained
and careless to boot. We care because we’re small business of people looking to help other people.

-Give us a call; we promise to do right by you. Our prices are the best around, and we GUARANTEE that.
Find a cheaper rate from a reputable legitimate business and we’ll match it and beat it by 5%. We can
make that claim because after extensive research and marketing, we know our prices are the best.
We know how important good service is. Allow us to earn yours and we promise you won’t be disappointed.